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Here at Advanced Aerospace Reconnaissance, LLC we operate and maintain military aircraft used for flight and sensor testing, escort and chase aircraft, threat simulation, air to air, and air to ground. We can carry and test new types of sensors, radar altimeters, jamming pods or IFF pods. Our aircraft, being previous military aircraft, are equipped with external hard points with capacity up to 2500lbs distributed on multiple hard points. Our aircraft have been modified to meet current FAA standards and are all IFR certified and maintained to the highest level of safety. Advanced Aerospace Reconnaissance, LLC personnel maintain currency and training to insure the most up to date training and safety in all aircraft. We strive for 100% safety on all flights whether it’s on contract or during training. Advanced Aerospace Reconnaissance, LLChas previously worked with ATK, Orbital ATK, Elbit Systems of America, Northrup Grumman and Docs Aerospace flight testing and sensor testing.

Core Competencies

  • Close air support (CAS)
  • Air to Ground Threat Simulation
  • Joint Tactical Air Control (JTAC) Simulation work.
  • Air to Air Threat Surrogate Emulation
  • JRTC exercise support
  • Camera Ship
  • Flight test support


At Advanced Aerospace Reconnaissance, LLC we adapt to and overcome any challenge or obstacle that is presented to us to give the customer the best outcome and results in any situation. At this point in time, our aircraft have a 100% sortie completion rate with no mechanical failures, injuries, or loss of any crew members. We go the extra mile to accommodate and make things happen to meet the objective. Since aviation industry is changing every day, we subscribed to many aviation publications to stay current with the new regulations and requirements that the FAA requires with the types of aircraft we fly. We are looking to use our aircraft for CAS, flight support, chase, escorting, photo chase, and threat simulation. We have experience with transporting and delivering aircraft all around the world and our aircraft frequently attend military airshows to help inspire innovative young people to pursue their dreams in aviation and with the military.

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